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Gulf Inland Marine opened for business in 1987 with our main office in Gonzales, Louisiana, strategically located between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, and next to interstate I-10 for easy dispatch to all locations on the river.  Most of our business is dry bulk and liquids to and from the Mississippi River, but we also handle the Ports of Lake Charles, Pascagoula, Mobile, Fourchon, and LOOP along with ship to ship lightering operations anywhere in the Gulf of Mexico.  Gulf Inland is a family business started by “Snooky” Alexander and his colleague and best friend “Junior” Hunt.  Over the years, we have grown to a full time staff of 13 employees who collectively have over 150 years of experience in the steamship industry.  We offer a range of services from full vessel agency to specific protective agency services (on behalf of vessel/owner/shippers/receivers/charterers).

      As steamship agents, we work closely with all the local government officials, vendors, and service providers to ensure a smooth port call.  Under a “full agency” appointment, we coordinate, appoint, and accept billing from the pilots, tugboats, linehandlers, launchboats, facility fees, dockage, port and harbor districts, government officials, suppliers/chandlers, surveyors, etc.  We also coordinate barges, stevedores, labor orders, customs work, documentation, surveys, shifting the vessel into and out of the docks, monitor port conditions and restrictions to best position the vessel for a smooth operation, suppliers (food, spare parts, etc) for the vessel, arrange crew changes, crew payroll, medical treatment, transportation, etc.... 

Our full style and contact details are…

Gulf Inland Marine Services, Inc.

P.O.Box 730 (mailing address)

2341 South Darla Avenue (physical address)

Gonzales, Louisiana 70737

Main office tel:  225-647-2770 (24hrs)

Office fax: 225-647-2778

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