Owner’s Agency

As Owner’s Agents, we act as your “local port captain” and pay particular attention to the interests of the vessel, her owners, and/or operators. Our agents have decades of experience in the arrangement and coordination of hold cleaning, repairs, supervision, surveys, compliance, inspections, crew changes, medical arrangements, spares and supplies deliveries, just to name a few. We take great care in making sure each requirement is carried out timely, smoothly, and efficiently, in the most economical means possible.

Charterer’s Agency

As Charterer’s Agents, we oversee and coordinate all aspects of the port call from the cargo perspective. This means ensuring proper notices are given to all involved parties ahead of the vessel’s arrival, to ordering pilots for docking/sailing, to constantly monitoring the cargo transfer and communicating the progress to all concerned, to finalizing the accounts and paperwork after sailing. We are dedicated to making sure all port operations are carried out smoothly and efficiently, all while protecting the interests of the Charterer and their customers.

Protective Agency

We offer a wide range of Protective Agency services, in which we act on behalf of any of the parties involved in the voyage and in any capacity, to monitor and protect the interests of the principal. We can cater to any need, in the form of Owners, Charterers, Shippers, Suppliers, and/or Receivers Protective appointments.

ENOA/ENOD Services

We provide full service compliance consultation and timely filing of the U.S. Coast Guard’s required 96 hour Electronic Notice of Arrival and Departure to ensure the proper notice is given for any vessel arrival situation.

Ocean Freight Forwarding & Documentation Services

We provide a full range of documentation and forwarding services, including Bills of Lading, Certificates of Origin, Cargo Manifests, Stowage Plans, as well as the automated filings (AES/ ISF) for each shipment as required by U.S. Customs.


We own and/or manage over 25,000 square feet of warehouse storage for marine transportation equipment, tools, mooring lines, fenders, cargo reducers, and coordinate for smooth dispatch of these items to our customers’ vessels when and as needed.